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Our Favorite Rescue League. The American Tibetan Mastiff Rescue

The Tibetan Mastiff Rescue League of North America is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Tibetan Mastiffs in need. This breed, known for their loyalty and protectiveness, can also be challenging for some owners due to their size and independent nature. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in the number of… Read more »

National Dog Day a Day for the Dogs

National Dog Day, celebrated on February 20th each year, is a holiday that honors man’s best friend. This day was created to recognize the importance of dogs in our lives and to encourage adoption from animal shelters. On National Dog Day, dog owners are encouraged to celebrate their furry friends and to show them how… Read more »

Meet Mars!

Mars flew into JFK from overseas. He loved touching down on US soil and promptly marked his territory. Our wonderful pet chauffeur, Dillon picked Mars up from his flight and promptly headed south to Atlanta. After one overnight Mars was reunited with family   Love cute animal content? Join our newsletter here! 

The Magic CarPet Rides CannonPawl Express: LA-NY

Los Angeles →NV-AZ-UT-CO-NE-IA-IL-IN-OH-PA-NJ → New York Let’s Go Chago!  Chago was in Los Angeles. His family was in New York. Magic CarPet Rides is in the family reunion business. This reunion required the 4-Day CannonPawl Express.  

I’ll Have a Kognac. A 90 pound Kognac please!

In this case Kognac was a 90 pound beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever needing a ride from Chicago to his new home in Las Vegas. Magic CarPet Rides picked up Kognac on a beautiful Tuesday morning in downtown Chicago and started the 3 day drive to Vegas.  Day 1: Illinois- Iowa- Nebraska  We made the drive… Read more »

By The Time We Get To Phoenix

LeeLoo and Lucy Chai flew into LAX on Aloha Air Cargo arriving at midnight and were ready to roll right away on their overnight Magic CarPet Rides drive to Phoenix.   I thought they might have Tails of Hawaii to share with me on the drive but they snoozed in the Magic CarPet Rides van… Read more »

Zuko takes the Magic CarPet Rides Shuttle to Oakland

Zuko was stranded at the PetSmart in Beverly Hills and need to get to Oakland to be reunited with his family. Magic CarPet Rides was happy to make that happen. Zuko boarded the Magic CarPet Rides  shuttle in Beverly Hills and was home in Oakland 6 hours later. He was a perfect passenger and co-pilot,… Read more »

Bringing Cody Home to California

We love our job transporting dogs around the country: And we especially love bringing puppies to their new homes and families! It was our great pleasure to bring Cody from Alabama to his new home in California. Cody’s first ever road trip was a 3 day Magic CarPet Rides adventure across the southern USA.  Day… Read more »

Magic CarPet Rides Frequent Flyer Club

Kei and Yogi have logged close to 10,000 miles on three coast-to-coast Magic CarPet Rides moves. They are the founders of the Magic CarPet Rides Frequent Flyer Club. Their first MC ride was in May 2019 from Sacramento CA to Nashville TN. And then a few months later another Magic CarPet Ride for the founders… Read more »