National Transportation Service

Our national transportation service offers door-to-door ground transportation throughout the USA.

In addition to meeting and exceeding all Animal Welfare Act specifications and guidelines for transportation of pets, Magic CarPet Rides provides the following:

  • Vehicles are brand new Mini Vans or SUVs.
  • Bottled water provided for the duration of the trip
  • Morning and evening meals and walks.
  • Potty breaks/walks for dogs every 3-4 hours during the drive
  • Maximum daily drive time of 8-10 hours.
  • Overnights in hotels, resting and relaxing every evening
  • Pet Seat Belts provided by Magic CarPet Rides
  • Photographs and updates every morning, evening and on each potty break/walk.
  • Pets are never left unattended in vehicle or hotel
  • Drivers bring pre-made meals or use drive-through to avoid leaving pets alone.

We are especially attentive to, and experienced with,  senior dogs, injured dogs, or dogs that might be just a little bit worried about the upcoming trip.

All Magic CarPet Rides trips are fun trips! We stop for pictures at State lines, scenic vistas, national landmarks like the continental divide, and the beach when we can (see pictures of Kai). Visit out blog for more animal content!

Kai enjoyed the Venice Beach pier after a Magic CarPet Rides drive from his home in Louisville to Los Angeles. This was the first time Kai had seen the ocean: He loved it! He flew to Australia the day after and is enjoying his new life down under.

The service includes GPS tracking provided by Google Maps. Every time we pick up a pet  the pet owner is notified by email or mobile push notification. They may then take advantage of GPS tracking to monitor the trip, receive pictures and updates at pick up, enroute, and at delivery.