Bringing Cody Home to California

We love our job transporting dogs around the country: And we especially love bringing puppies to their new homes and families!

Cody in Alabama

It was our great pleasure to bring Cody from Alabama to his new home in California. Cody’s first ever road trip was a 3 day Magic CarPet Rides adventure across the southern USA. 

Day 1: Alabama-Mississippi- Louisiana- Texas
Cody said “see ya litter” to his sibs and the south as we made our way across four states and spent the night in Dallas, Texas. 

Goodbye Alabama; Hello Mississippi!

I can see Texas from here!

I am loving Texas! Smells like BBQ!

Day 2: Texas-New Mexico
Cody slept like a puppy, enjoyed his breakfast, and was ready to roll through west Texas and on to New Mexico. 

Enchanté Cody, welcome to New Mexico!

Day 3: New Mexico-Arizona-California (Home Sweet Home)
Cody woke up in New Mexico ready for the home stretch and the final drive to his new home and family. 

Cody and his new Mom

Cody and Mom and Dad in their first few minutes together

Cody and Brian, his Magic CarPet Rides pilot. See ya Cody!

Thank you Cody for a 3-day magical Magic CarPet Rides adventure!
And thanks to our friends at Pet-Express for recommending Magic CarPet Rides to Cody’s family!

Welcome Home Cody!

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