Magic CarPet Ride FAQs

My dog wants to know….

  1. How sweet is your ride?
    You are going to love the smooth riding, super safe and super comfortable vehicles we use! We have crates if needed and the floor can be covered with 2 inches of orthopedic foam for your riding and napping pleasure.
  2. Does Magic CarPet Rides offer a shared ride?
    At this time we are unable to combine families in transport. 
  3. May we stop for photos?
    On the longer rides we always update your families with pictures and news.
  4. Will you remember to give me my meds?
    Yes! We use the Pet Check Technology system to record all feeding instructions and any medication required while with Magic CarPet Rides.
  5. Do we check in with my family?
    We notify families at pick up and drop off with emails and mobile push notifications, and throughout the journey.
  6. Do you serve still or sparkling water?
    We keep plenty of bottled water on board.
  7. Will I be crated and/or wear a pet seat belt?
    There is lots of room for those free to roam! We provide seat belts and crates but always follow your family’s instructions.
  8. Will there be other dogs?
    No, unless there are multiple dogs in your family.
  9. Will there be cats on board?
    We transport cats and dogs from the same family only.
  10. How often do we stop?
    We stop on our regional and nationwide trips every three hours.
  11. Is napping allowed?
    We encourage it!
  12. Where do we stop for walks/potty breaks?
    On our regional and nationwide trips we stop at rest areas or parks along the way. When we can, we stop for walks at national landmarks and other fun places.
  13. Where do we stay on overnight trips?
    We typically stay at La Quinta hotels across the country as they are very pet friendly and allow two pets per room.
  14. Is there one driver or two?
    On our regional and local trips we normally have one driver on board and just one driver on the nationwide trips.
  15. What documentation is needed to travel with Magic CarPet Rides?
    We capture all health and vet records in the Pet Check Technology system have that available to us at all times. The only time we need additional health records may be if we are dropping at a kennel or other pet hotel.