The Magic CarPet Rides Dixieland Express: Cira & Luna’s XC Road Trip

Cira (left) and Luna (right)

These two beautiful Boston Terriers needed to get from the Bay Area in California to The Palmetto State and their new life in Dixieland. They boarded the Magic CarPet Rides van on a sunny Tuesday morning in California and headed to our first overnight stop in Wendover UT. 

Day 1: Danville CA to Wendover, Utah (CA-NV-UT)

The first stop on our 10 hour drive today was Truckee, CA in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a potty break and a sniff around. After that, back on board and headed to our next stop in Lovelock, Nevada. We made one more Nevada stop in Elko then on to our overnight stop in Wendover Utah  It was a perfect day #1 of our 5 day cross country adventure.

Road Trip!! (Day 1, 10AM)

Road Trip!! (Day 1, 10PM)

Day 2: Wendover to Big Springs NE (UT-WY-NE)

The highlight today was the Great Salk Lake and crossing the Continental Divide in Wyoming. We stopped for a potty break on the divide, not knowing which ocean would be the beneficiary of Cira and Luna’s #1. 

Road Trip Day 2, 9PM. “Where to tomorrow?”

Luna checking out the Locks of Lovelock NV

Day 3: Big Springs  to Kingdom City MO. (NE-MO)

Today’s highlight was being more than halfway to Dixie and the new home for Luna and Cira. The only State line we crossed today was Nebraska-Missouri and they checked out the Missouri Welcome Center like Missouri was expecting them! 

Welcome to Missouri Cira & Luna! We were expecting you!

Day 4: Kingdom City to Charlotte NC. (MO-IL-KY-TN-NC)

We made it to Eastern Time and are now just a few hours away from Fort Mill SC. It was a long rainy day but Cira & Luna were ready for anything just to be closer to home. Nothing to do but dream about the family reunion Saturday. 

Tennessee! We are just two states away!

Wake us when we get to North Carolina!

Hey Y’all! We are almost home!!

Ready for the reunion!

Day 5: Charlotte  to Home Sweet Home in Fort Mill SC

After five days and 2,900 miles, 3 mountain ranges and 4 time zones, Cira & Luna were reunited with their family.

Thank you Pet Relocation for sharing Cira & Luna with us!


The Reunion (Click to Play Video)

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