I’ll Have a Kognac. A 90 pound Kognac please!

In this case Kognac was a 90 pound beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever needing a ride from Chicago to his new home in Las Vegas. Magic CarPet Rides picked up Kognac on a beautiful Tuesday morning in downtown Chicago and started the 3 day drive to Vegas. 

Kognac on the banks of the Colorado River in Silt CO

Day 1: Illinois- Iowa- Nebraska 

We made the drive from Chicago to Lincoln NE in 8 hours. Our first potty break and photo op was at the Worlds Largest Truck stop in Walcott IA. Kognac left some pee mail for the next dogs passing through and we were on our way to Nebraska. 

First stop on the first day.

Day 2: Nebraska – Colorado

Kognac was up early and ready to cross the Rockies and the Continental Divide. He loved the 10 hour drive, from dormant corn fields in Nebraska to snow capped Rocky Mountains, ending the day walking along the Colorado River in Silt CO. He slept well dreaming of hitting the jackpot in Vegas the next day; being reunited with his family!

Welcome to Colorado Kognac!

Day 3: Colorado – Utah – Arizona – Nevada

The home stretch to home-sweet-home was an 8 hour drive through 4 states (about 15 minutes in Arizona). Kognac was feeling lucky, something great was going to happen today!

Utah; State Number 5 for Kognac on our Adventure

We did the usual photo op/potty break/welcome center stops and rolled into Vegas around 2PM.

The Happy Family Reunion!

Thanks for riding with Magic CarPet Rides Kognac and Family!


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