Lift 0ff: Houston to California

The zodiac describes Aries as “a confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition” and our Aries did just that, driving from Houston to California. You need to be cheery when you depart from Houston, when after driving for 11 hours, you are still in Texas. Day two, Aries travelled through NM,AZ and CA. Day three was all about the happy reunion between Aries, his Mom and Dad. Stay Golden , Aries.

Aries loving his hotel stay and his own queen sized bed 

Sufi, so good

Sufi setting his sights on New Jersey.

Moving from California to New Jersey takes enormous work and planning but transferring Sufi from CA to NJ is effortless and fun when driving cross country with MCR and Kevin. The journey took 5 days, beginning in Union City, CA and traversing through AZ, NM, TX, OK, IL, OH, WV, PA and ending in Basking Ridge, NJ. Sufi, the sharp and beautiful German Shepard, was true to form all the way. In addition, he made MCR history; while Kevin was making the trip from CA to NJ, Brian (our MCR top dog) was simultaneously transporting Samba from the east coast to the west coast. Right there in Parks, AZ, they met up and we had to document this celebratory magical moment.


Crossing paths in Parks, AZ

On the fifth day Sufi arrived safely in the garden state and just in time for a family dinner.

Home sweet Home

Do you feel the rhythm of the Samba beat!

Let’s Roll Samba!

Samba’s Magic CarPet Ride began in Brooklyn on Friday January 31 and ended in Los Angeles on Tuesday Feb 4. The trip planning starts a day or two before with a conversation with Samba’s family to discuss what to expect on the journey. Samba’s Mom shared a photograph of a pensive Samba wondering what is about to happen in her life.

What is going on Mom?

Day 1: Brooklyn, NY to Springfield OH. The day begins at 7AM with Brian meeting Samba and Kamaya and packing up the car.Samba made herself comfortable in the back of the car, taking full advantage of being a VIP passenger. Our first stop was in Pennsylvania, there she had a walk, a sniff and tucked into her on board spring water. Six hours in the drive we made our second stop in West Virginia. After exploratory sniffs and a walk we were onward towards Ohio. In Ohio we made our way to the hotel for dinner and a good night’s rest.

Welcome to West Virginia Samba!

Samba checking out her space in the van.

Day 2: Springfield OH to Oklahoma. Off to a very early start, Samba was ready to continue her road trip after a very restful night. Our first stop for the day was in Indianapolis, by now we have become a great team and have found our rhythm. Once we were in Illinois we felt it was a perfect place to visit for our second break, which meant Samba had now crossed her 7th state on her cross country adventure. What a view as we crossed St Louis, continuing our journey westward towards Samba’s new home. Posing for a picture on Route 66 is the iconic thing to do for this road trip expert. OK, we are in Oklahoma! Samba checked herself in for the night and staked her claim on her queen size bed.

Samba getting her kicks on Rte 66!

Samba claiming her side of the bed.

Day 3: Oklahoma to New Mexico. Texas waits for no man and no dog, so we said a pre-dawn good bye to OK and headed for a Texas sunrise. It was our good fortune to greet the day in Shamrock, Tx. Moving along swiftly, Texas was in our rearview and New Mexico would soon enchant us with a welcome stretch and sniff. There’s always something new to experience, like say, a metal cactus!!?? Now we were on the chase, Samba wanted to make it to Alburqueque in time to watch the Super Bowl. Since Samba is going to be a Cali-girl soon, she is cheering for the 49ers.

Aye, Welcome to Texas Samba!

First sniff in New Mexico!

Day 4: New Mexico to California. It’s a road trip so let’s take in the sites, Samba kicked off her morning with a visit to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Arizona is state number 12 for Samba’s journey, she’ll definitely have many stories to tell her new friends in California. For example, the one about when she made MCR history.While Brian and Samba were making the coast to coast sojourn, Kevin Carlson (one of our team members) was simultaneously driving from the west coast to the east coast with Sufi the German Shepard. Right there in Parks, Arizona they met up and we had to document this celebratory magical moment. Spurred on by all that excitement Brian and Samba continued onward to the Pacific Time Zone. And then there it was, the first signs of the Golden State. One more sleep and Samba will soon be reveling in the ultimate reunion.

Petrified? It does not even look nervous says Samba.

Samba was part of Magic CarPet Rides history with our two cross country moves meeting up in Parks , AZ.

Day 5: Reunion Day. Bags are packed and “home” is plugged into the GPS. Wind in her hair and California dreaming, Samba cruised into Hollywood and kept her red carpet smile ready for her Mom and Dad. Here’s where we say good-bye sweet Samba, we’re so glad you’re reunited with your family and it was our greatest pleasure to share the road with you. 

Sambas Magic CarPet Rides bag packed for her reunion!

Samba’s big smile says she knows what is going on today! She will be reunited with her family!

Samba Surfer Girl loving Hollywood!






Magic CarPet Rides MAGIC MOMENT!

Brian & Samba (left), Kevin & Sufi (right)

Each of our journeys tells a story and this is one that we love to share.While Brian was driving Samba from NY to CA, Kevin was simultaneously driving Sufi from CA to NY.

On the fourth day of their trip, they made MCR history by meeting in Parks, Arizona. We had to celebrate this moment and document this momentous occasion.

Perro takes the Magic CarPet from CT to Austin!

Perro, a very beautiful German Shepherd, made the 1,800 mile drive from New Canaan CT to Austin TX with Magic CarPet Rides driver Kevin. The drive covered a lot of territory with stops in West Virginia, Nashville and Dallas. Kevin and Perro went from 32 degrees and snow in CT to 74 degrees and sunny in Austin TX. The only thing Perro loves more than playtime is mealtime!

We wish all the best to Perro and her family: Welcome to Texas y’all!


Allons-y, on va à Montréal!

Magic CarPet Rides specializes in pet moves to and from Canada and this one was very special. Scout and Mischief made the 2,700 mile drive with Chase, our Canada move expert. You might well wonder what route these two border collies would have travelled: They started day one in AZ and drove through NM, TX, OK, MO, IL, IN, OH, MI, and then entered Ontario, Canada on the fourth day. 

Scout brought some maturity and wisdom to the adventure while Mischief christened every hotel room with “zoomies” and also joined and imitated Chase during his daily downward dog stretches.

Bienvenue mes amis.

Virginia is for ❤️Thea❤️

Thea, a beautiful 8 year old Golden Retriever just completed a 3,000 mile drive from California to Virginia. While her parents flew, Thea chose to drive with Magic CarPet Rides. It was a long drive but the views and sightseeing were well worth it. Thea has now visited CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, TN and VA. You will have to check in with Thea to see which state was her favorite but we’re guessing by the happy reunion with her parents that Virginia is the one.

Sadie and Anakin Enjoy a Road Trip

Moving from San Antonio, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado has never been more fun. Sadie, a nine year old Great Dane mix and Anakin, a two year old Weimaraner had a great time sightseeing and exploring all the way from the Central Time Zone to Mountain Standard Time. While Sadie was quiet and composed, it must be said that Anakin, for his two year puppy status, is going to be a very regal boy one fine day. We wish Sadie and Anakin many happy days and trails in Colorado.

Milo’s Cross Country Adventure

Milo’s cross country journey started just outside of Cleveland, Ohio and took us all the way to the Bay Area in Fremont, California. The only things Milo loves more than cuddling are his squishy bone and following the basketball on tv while watching games together!

Milo's Journey with Magic CarPet Rides


Four lucky dogs and their families are headed south to warmer weather this week!

Magic CarPet Rides was fortunate to to work with both families and their moves from Connecticut to Texas and Minnesota to Florida.

Jax and Rhett, two beautiful Golden Retrievers from Minnesota made the 1,600 mile ride with Brian and they all loved every minute and mile of the journey.

Jack and Jill, two very sweet Greyhounds from Connecticut made the 1,800 mile trip with Kevin and they all loved the adventure with Magic CarPet Rides!

All four dogs and their families will celebrate the new year in their new warm weather homes.

Happy New Year Rhett, Jax, Jack and Jill! Thanks for riding with Magic CarPet Rides 🐾