Bringing Cody Home to California

We love our job transporting dogs around the country: And we especially love bringing puppies to their new homes and families!

Cody in Alabama

It was our great pleasure to bring Cody from Alabama to his new home in California. Cody’s first ever road trip was a 3 day Magic CarPet Rides adventure across the southern USA. 

Day 1: Alabama-Mississippi- Louisiana- Texas
Cody said “see ya litter” to his sibs and the south as we made our way across four states and spent the night in Dallas, Texas. 

Goodbye Alabama; Hello Mississippi!

I can see Texas from here!

I am loving Texas! Smells like BBQ!

Day 2: Texas-New Mexico
Cody slept like a puppy, enjoyed his breakfast, and was ready to roll through west Texas and on to New Mexico. 

Enchanté Cody, welcome to New Mexico!

Day 3: New Mexico-Arizona-California (Home Sweet Home)
Cody woke up in New Mexico ready for the home stretch and the final drive to his new home and family. 

Cody and his new Mom

Cody and Mom and Dad in their first few minutes together

Cody and Brian, his Magic CarPet Rides pilot. See ya Cody!

Thank you Cody for a 3-day magical Magic CarPet Rides adventure!
And thanks to our friends at Pet-Express for recommending Magic CarPet Rides to Cody’s family!

Welcome Home Cody!

Magic CarPet Rides Frequent Flyer Club

Yogi (left) and Kei

Kei and Yogi have logged close to 10,000 miles on three coast-to-coast Magic CarPet Rides moves. They are the founders of the Magic CarPet Rides Frequent Flyer Club. Their first MC ride was in May 2019 from Sacramento CA to Nashville TN. And then a few months later another Magic CarPet Ride for the founders from Nashville to Portland OR. And on this, our third move with Kei and Yogi we drove them from Portland OR to Atlanta. These pups get around!! 


Traveling with the gods

Odin the dog/god is revered for his wisdom, healing, royalty, knowledge, poetry and so much more. We made our celestial journey from Michigan to California. We traveled on the wings of deity through MI,IN.IL,NE,CO,UH,AZ,NV and CA.

Give us a GRIN Odin!

There were visions of beauty, moments of enlightenment, clarity of mind and a divine reunion. Shine on Odin – you rule!



The Fab Four

Domino, Cheerio, Cheezit and Pippen were transported from Waxahachie, TX to Windsor, CT.

Waxahachie……….what? where? It is located just beyond the southern suburbs of Dallas and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Traveling through TX, AK,TN,VA,WV,MD,PA,NJ,NY and CT. There was so much to see and explore that was new and never before experienced. The pups and kitties sure do have many stories to tell of their travel adventure.

They may not be beetles but they surely were fabulous.

Checking in and sniffing around at Valley Boarding

From Down Under to the Rocky Mountains! Steve & Lizzy’s Epic Adventure

Welcome to Utah Steve & Lizzy!


Magic CarPet Rides was honored to be a part of Steve and Lizzy’s move from Australia to Utah and  drive them from Pet-Express in Los Angeles to Ogden.  They were perfect passengers in the Magic CarPet Rides van throughout the scenic 12 hour drive up Interstate 15.

The first day we packed up the crates and the pups at Pet-Express and headed northeast out of LA, through Nevada and Arizona and into Utah. After a good nights sleep in Beaver, UT we made the final 4 hour drive to Ogden and the reunion.

No Jet-Lag for these two! They just wanted to be reunited with Mom Ellie!

Left to Right- Lizzy, Ellie and Steve.

Welcome to America and Utah y’all! All the best in your new Rocky Mountain home!

Don’t mess with Texas!

That was the slogan even before Penny rode into town with Magic Carpet Rides.

Sweet Penny transferred from Washington State to the Lone Star State. It was easy riding all the way with this little Shar-Pei Labrador mix as they travelled through OR, ID, UT, CO, NM and finally arriving in Texas. Penny was a total sweetheart who loves a belly rub and cuddles.


When the Great Pyrenees call, we go.

Gwen and Xander were on a mission to get from Arizona to Minnesota……..”follow the snow”, is their mantra. Their journey started in Tucson and continued through NM, TX, OK, KS, MO, IA and concluded in Victoria, MN.

With a foot of snow to greet them, they both agreed that they were victorious. Now, they are all about ice fishing.

The Great Gwen and Xander

Riley’s on the move.

Riley does not say much but his expression is all in his eyes. He needed to be transported from Dallas, TX to Wilmington, DE and we were happy to help.

Packed and ready to go.

Once we were well into our journey there was a look in his eyes that conveyed that he wanted a stop in Arkansas – we were right.

Taking time to sightsee

He’s a quiet boy, however, he knows how to show his approval of his choice of accommodation for the night.

This will do nicely, thank you!

After a shorter second day on the road, we arrived in Delaware and it’s always the best part of every trip to witness the happy reunion.

The happy reunion


I’m on my way, it’s all on the right side in Montego Bay.

Those are lyrics to joyful reggae song and this little Montego boy makes you want to sing, dance and celebrate life. Kevin McKee and Montego left Ohio with California set as their final stop and you can see how much fun they had all along the way.

Their journey took them through OH, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM and AZ. Montego was happily reunited with his family in his new home in California and it was a sing along for everyone.

Montego and Kevin McKee making the most of every moment

Montego – we’ll go anywhere with you.

Ellie goes to Minnesota

Ellie made the move from Arizona to Minnesota. It took three days of driving through NM,TX,OK,KS,MO, IA and MN. Those three days seemed to fly by for both Ellie and Chase Cobb. According to Chase, if they drove over a bump, Ellie would rush up to the front to receive a comforting pet and then go back to sleep. He says she was an ideal road trip companion.

Chase also said that Ellie was “incredibly sweet, smart and goofy”. Here, at MCR, we say the same about Chase.

Ellie on her road trip

Sweet, smart and goofy