Gris Gris & Trixie head west!

Meet Gris Gris & Trixie

Gris & Trixie

Welcome aboard the Magic CarPet!

Gris Gris & Trixie were transported from Cape Cod MA to Denver CO to enjoy a new life near the Rocky Mountains.


Big Trucks, Small Dogs!

Along the way they enjoyed sight seeing

The favorite activity was resting in a warm cozy bed

Thanks for riding along the Magic CarPet we hope you enjoy Colorado!

Coco’s Move Down Under

Hey Coco!

Magic Car Pet Rides LLC

Welcome aboard the Magic CarPet!

Day One: Mullys K9 Resort to Medford Oregon

Coco takes a look around Oregon for the first time.


The Mulligan Family was sad to see Coco go after spending many months with them. I was sad to part with her after just 24 hours! She is a very special dog!

Day Two: Medford Oregon to Pet Express

We both had a good nights sleep in Medford OR and then up early and off to Pet Express.

Beautiful Coco posing!


We arrived at Pet Express and hiked a local trail before handing her over to the Pet Express team.


Coco smiling in San Francisco!


Thank you Mully’s K9 Resort and Pet-Express!

Aloha Monix! Welcome to LA!

Movie Star Monix!


Monix was greeted by the Magic CarPet Rides team at Pacific Cargo LAX and then tucked in after a quick walk to rest up for the drive to Tucson the next day. 


We hit the road early Friday heading south to San Diego then over the Cuyamaca Mountains and eastwards towards Tucson. Monix is a world class traveler and companion! We stopped in Yuma AZ for a Latte, a walk and big drink. Walking Monix is like being out on a walk with Elvis! He gets lots of attention!

“How much longer!?

We are halfway to Tucson!

The Happy Reunion with Martha!


A Big Mahalo to our Friends at Island Pet Movers for trusting us with

Monix for the ground portion of his journey!

Welcome to Texas Balto!

Magic CarPet Rides was excited to greet Balto at JFK airport in Queens NY after his flight from Moscow.

After the long flight Balto was excited to get on the road to Texas & reunite with his family!

I'll Drive

Lets Roll!

On the following day Balto got to visit a few states including Tennessee!

It feels so good to stretch my legs

Welcome to Tennessee. Half way home!

Well rested Balto is ready for his final day with Magic CarPet Rides

Welcome home Balto. We hope you enjoy Texas with your family!

Sweet Palamo Flies to Denver

Flyboy Palomo!


Magic CarPet Rides was honored to be a small part of Palomo’s rescue and move to Denver. Palomo is a 14 year old very sweet boy who was in need of transportation from The Kennel Club at LAX to his new home at Golden Growls, a very special rescue organization in Denver that specializes in senior dogs.


One last sniff at the Kennel Club of LAX



Out walking with Jonathan in El Segundo


Meeting his pilot Julian 


Palomo’s journey was very special indeed as it involved a private flight from Los Angels to Denver with Pet Rescue Pilots. We delivered Palomo to her new friend and Pet Rescue Pilots founder/pilot Julian. 


All aboard Palomo!

Mission Accomplished! We are smiling behind our Pet Rescue Pilots masks!


Palomo settling in with his new foster family.

Aloha Cannon and Elvis!

Day number 1 of the 3 day adventure for Elvis and Cannon

Day 1: 650 Miles and 10 hours to Las Cruces NM


Day number 2 of the 3 day adventure for Elvis and Cannon

Day 2: 775 Miles and 11 hours to LAX


Day number 3 of the 3 day adventure for Elvis and Cannon

Day 3: 2,600 Miles and 5 hours to Hawaii

Lydia’s Adventure

Happy Lydia bound for Albuquerque


Friday: Poughkeepsie  Richmond IN 660 Miles

Lydia says “Let’s Roll!”


This was a four state day for Lydia: NY-PA-OH-IN


Magic CarPet Rides driver Jonathan gives Lydia a belly rub half way through day 1


Saturday: Richmond Yukon OK 820 Miles

Welcome to the WEST Lydia!


The highlight of the day was Lydia crossing the Mississippi and visiting the Arch in Saint Louis.

Sunday: Yukon OK  Albuquerque  NM 530 Miles




Welcome to New Mexico Lydia! You made it!

Another Magic CarPet Rides Family Reunion!

Hey Eckersley! Welcome to the USA!

Thursday: Buffalo NY  King of Prussia PA 660 Miles

Welcome to Pennsylvania Eckersley!


We LOVE Beagles at Magic CarPet Rides and we especially loved our time with Eckersley!

It was a quick ride but such a pleasure with Eckersley, a perfect passenger and companion!


Eckersley and Magic CarPet Rides driver Jonathan enjoyed their 7 hours together!


Eckersley’s 7 Hour MagicCarPet Ride


Eckersley and his Mom reunited after two weeks apart!

Charlie and Zelda take the CannonPawl Express

Brooklyn Los Angeles

2 Dogs – 12 States – 2,800 Miles – 42 Hours – 4 Days



Friday: Brooklyn Richmond IN 660 Miles

Charlie & Zelda were ready to roll at 7AM on day 1 of our 4 day cross country adventure. We hit 5 of the 12 states today! They travelled well and slept even better! Bring on Day 2!

All Aboard! Hollywood or Bust!


Welcome to West VA Charlie & Zelda!


A well deserved rest after a great day one!


Saturday: Richmond Catoosa OK 700 Miles

The girls were ready to go early! We hit another 4 states, crossed the Mississippi and made it to Catoosa Oklahoma in time for an early dinner.

Oklahoma? Let’s GO!


Out walking in Missouri.


Sunday: Catoosa  Gallup NM 800 Miles

The Cowgirls enjoyed some time in the Lone Star State before the final push to Gallup NM for the night.

Hey y’all! Charlie the Texan.

Lookin’ good Zelda!


Monday: Gallup Los Angeles CA 650 Miles

The Magic CarPet Rides Welcome Wagon delivering welcome to LA gifts for Charlie & Zelda.

Vamos Chamo!

San Francisco Miami

3,200 Miles – 5 Days – 10 States


Chamo says ”Mi amor no te preocupes nos vemos el domingo en Miami!”


Wednesday: San Francisco Kingman AZ 630 Miles

Chamo is the best traveler and companion! We stopped for several walks along the way to our overnight in Kingman AZ.

Guapo Chamo out walking in Arizona


A well deserved rest after a great day 1 on the road to Florida!


Thursday: Kingman Amarillo TX 750 Miles

Today we cover three states, three time zones, the continental divide and
end the day in Amarillo.

Chamo striking a pose in Flagstaff AZ


Chamo gettin’ his kicks……


After a long day 2, dreaming of Florida



Friday: Amarillo  Monroe LA 650 Miles

Today was a one time zone day and one day closer to the family reunion Sunday.

Welcome to Louisiana Chamo! You are almost there!


“How much longer?”



Saturday: Monroe Gainesville FL 700 Miles

This was that last long haul day and Chamo’s Welcome to his new home state, Florida!


Florida Welcomes You Chamo!


Sunday: Gainesville Weston FL 325 Miles

Welcome Home Chamo!