Virginia is for Spirit & Maple!

Sleeping Beauties!


These two beauties boarded the Magic CarPet Rides van in Lauderhill FL for the three day drive to Virginia.




Two Dogs

Three Days

Five States

1,100 Miles




Day 1: Florida to Georgia

Maple and Spirit were ready to roll when Magic CarPet Rides driver Jonathan picked them up in Lauderhill. Day 1 was a breeze with good weather and easy relaxed dogs!



Day One Fun!

Day One Nap!


Day 2: Georgia to Virginia

Day 2 was a four state day driving through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The dogs were great travelers!


Maple & Spirit arrive in Virginia!


Magic CarPet Rides driver Jonathan and Maple & Spirit in Virginia


After a long day, watching The Office and dreaming of the family reunion tomorrow.


Day 3: Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home!


We love being in the Family reunion business!

Thanks for flying with Magic CarPet Rides!

Sweet Hershey Goes Coast-to-Coast

Hershey said Adios to LA early on a Wednesday morning as we embarked on our 4-day, 8-state cross country adventure.


Wednesday: Los Angeles to Lordsburg NM (9 hours, 670 miles)

Had I known Hersh had a cool pair of shades I would have brought the Magic CarPet Rides convertible!

We made a quick potty break stop after crossing the Colorado River and the Arizona State Line and then moved on to San Antonio TX

Hershey is a great traveler! And a great companion!


Thursday: Lordsburg NM to San Antonio  TX (10 hours, 750 miles)

Hey y’all! Welcome to Texas Hershey!


Hershey wanted to know “HOW LONG IS I-10 in TEXAS?!?” 
877.5 Miles Hershey! And you did it all! Good girl!

Our girl Hershey slept well that night!


Friday: San Antonio TX to Tallahassee FL (10 hours, 710 miles)


How MUCH longer?


Welcome to Florida Hershey! Your new home!


Saturday: Tallahassee to Winter Garden FL (4 hours, 275 miles)


A big Hershey KISS for her Mom on arrival at her new home!

Oi, Gumbo & Kumma, tudo bem?

Let’s Go Gumbo!

Day 1: Oregon – Idaho (555 miles)

These two were ready to roll at 7AM and we headed for Idaho by way of the Deschutes National Forest. We crossed the Snake River into Idaho around 3PM and arrived in Twin Falls just in time for dinner and a longs nights rest.

Majestic Kumma!


Guapo Gumbo!


Day 2: Idaho – Utah – Wyoming – Nebraska (835 miles)

Day 2 was a 4 state day and included a nice hike for Gumbo in Wyoming.


Hiking in Wyoming


Day 3: Nebraska – Kansa – Missouri – Illinois (830 miles)

Another 4 state day for the team.


Welcome to MO GUMBO!


Day 4: Illinois – Kentucky – Tennessee – Georgia – Florida (840 miles)

This was our last long day ending in Florida. Gumbo and Kumma were dreaming of Brazil!

Welcome to Florida Gumbo!

Day 5: Orlando – Fort Lauderdale HOME (200 miles)

It was a perfect 5 days on the road with Gumbo and Kumma and we wish them well in their new life in 🇧🇷 Brazil!

Vamos a la Puerto Rico!

Beautiful Zoey!

Zoey is a beautiful Boxer who was “chillin” in New England but needed to catch a 2AM flight from Miami to San Juan PR to be reunited with Aedan and Gracie. The Magic CarPet Rides team picked her up just outside of Worcester MA on a Monday morning for a 2 day road trip to Miami. 

Day 1: Nine Staes: MA – CT – NY – NJ – PA – DE – MD – VA – NC

Zoey’s first day on the road was an 11 hour, 9 state adventure that ended with us pitching tent in Fayetteville NC, home of the 82 Airborne. Zoey was tempted to hang out with the troops a bit but had a Special Op of her own; making the flight to Puerto Rica Tuesday night!


Goodby Grandma; everything will be ok!


Let’s go! Vamos!


Are we there yet?


A little ear scratching in New Jersey


Long day y’all! Good night!

Day 2: Four States: NC – SC – GA – Miami, FL

Reveille was at 5AM on day 2 of Zoey’s adventure. ALL PAWS ON DECK! Vamos a la Miami!


Zoey posing in St Augustine FL

Zoey made us feel like we need an award for
Best Magic CarPet Rides Pawsenger Ever Award

Zoey & Aedan Reunited!

We love you Zo! Take good care of your family in Puerto Rico!

The Magic CarPet Rides Aloha Express: Blaze, Ty and Cody Head to Hawaii

Hawaii Bound: Blaze, Ty and Cody

These three BEAUTIFUL Standard Poodles needed to get from Phoenix to LAX for a 2AM flight to Honolulu. The Magic CarPet Rides land Shuttle was the perfect solution for these perfect Poodles. We met at a dog park in Phoenix to burn a little energy before the six hour drive to LAX. We stopped for a walk  and a potty break in Palm Springs and made LAX in time for another walk and the flight to Honolulu.

Aloha Blaze, Ty and Cody!

Aloha Ty!

Aloha Cody!

Aloha Blaze!

The Magic CarPet Rides Dixieland Express: Cira & Luna’s XC Road Trip

Cira (left) and Luna (right)

These two beautiful Boston Terriers needed to get from the Bay Area in California to The Palmetto State and their new life in Dixieland. They boarded the Magic CarPet Rides van on a sunny Tuesday morning in California and headed to our first overnight stop in Wendover UT. 

Day 1: Danville CA to Wendover, Utah (CA-NV-UT)

The first stop on our 10 hour drive today was Truckee, CA in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a potty break and a sniff around. After that, back on board and headed to our next stop in Lovelock, Nevada. We made one more Nevada stop in Elko then on to our overnight stop in Wendover Utah  It was a perfect day #1 of our 5 day cross country adventure.

Road Trip!! (Day 1, 10AM)

Road Trip!! (Day 1, 10PM)

Day 2: Wendover to Big Springs NE (UT-WY-NE)

The highlight today was the Great Salk Lake and crossing the Continental Divide in Wyoming. We stopped for a potty break on the divide, not knowing which ocean would be the beneficiary of Cira and Luna’s #1. 

Road Trip Day 2, 9PM. “Where to tomorrow?”

Luna checking out the Locks of Lovelock NV

Day 3: Big Springs  to Kingdom City MO. (NE-MO)

Today’s highlight was being more than halfway to Dixie and the new home for Luna and Cira. The only State line we crossed today was Nebraska-Missouri and they checked out the Missouri Welcome Center like Missouri was expecting them! 

Welcome to Missouri Cira & Luna! We were expecting you!

Day 4: Kingdom City to Charlotte NC. (MO-IL-KY-TN-NC)

We made it to Eastern Time and are now just a few hours away from Fort Mill SC. It was a long rainy day but Cira & Luna were ready for anything just to be closer to home. Nothing to do but dream about the family reunion Saturday. 

Tennessee! We are just two states away!

Wake us when we get to North Carolina!

Hey Y’all! We are almost home!!

Ready for the reunion!

Day 5: Charlotte  to Home Sweet Home in Fort Mill SC

After five days and 2,900 miles, 3 mountain ranges and 4 time zones, Cira & Luna were reunited with their family.

Thank you Pet Relocation for sharing Cira & Luna with us!


The Reunion (Click to Play Video)

The Magic CarPet Rides CannonPawl Express: LA-NY

Los Angeles NV-AZ-UT-CO-NE-IA-IL-IN-OH-PA-NJ  New York

Let’s Roll!

Let’s Go Chago! 

Chago was in Los Angeles. His family was in New York. Magic CarPet Rides is in the family reunion business. This reunion required the 4-Day CannonPawl Express.

Night 1: Green River UT

Night 2: Platte River in Grand Island NE


Night 3: Elkhart Indiana

Night 4: At home with family in New York!

I’ll Have a Kognac. A 90 pound Kognac please!

In this case Kognac was a 90 pound beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever needing a ride from Chicago to his new home in Las Vegas. Magic CarPet Rides picked up Kognac on a beautiful Tuesday morning in downtown Chicago and started the 3 day drive to Vegas. 

Kognac on the banks of the Colorado River in Silt CO

Day 1: Illinois- Iowa- Nebraska 

We made the drive from Chicago to Lincoln NE in 8 hours. Our first potty break and photo op was at the Worlds Largest Truck stop in Walcott IA. Kognac left some pee mail for the next dogs passing through and we were on our way to Nebraska. 

First stop on the first day.

Day 2: Nebraska – Colorado

Kognac was up early and ready to cross the Rockies and the Continental Divide. He loved the 10 hour drive, from dormant corn fields in Nebraska to snow capped Rocky Mountains, ending the day walking along the Colorado River in Silt CO. He slept well dreaming of hitting the jackpot in Vegas the next day; being reunited with his family!

Welcome to Colorado Kognac!

Day 3: Colorado – Utah – Arizona – Nevada

The home stretch to home-sweet-home was an 8 hour drive through 4 states (about 15 minutes in Arizona). Kognac was feeling lucky, something great was going to happen today!

Utah; State Number 5 for Kognac on our Adventure

We did the usual photo op/potty break/welcome center stops and rolled into Vegas around 2PM.

The Happy Family Reunion!

Thanks for riding with Magic CarPet Rides Kognac and Family!


By The Time We Get To Phoenix

Midnight at LAX Aloha Cargo, waiting for LeeLoo and Lucy

LeeLoo and Lucy Chai flew into LAX on Aloha Air Cargo arriving at midnight and were ready to roll right away on their overnight Magic CarPet Rides drive to Phoenix.

Checking in at HeartStrings Kennel in Phoenix 7 hours later.


I thought they might have Tails of Hawaii to share with me on the drive but they snoozed in the Magic CarPet Rides van most of the way to Phoenix.

LeeLoo at HeartStrings

Aloha pups! Thanks for taking the Magic CarPet Rides shuttle!

Zuko takes the Magic CarPet Rides Shuttle to Oakland

Picking up Zuko in Beverly Hills

Zuko was stranded at the PetSmart in Beverly Hills and need to get to Oakland to be reunited with his family.

Magic CarPet Rides was happy to make that happen.

Ready to Roll!

Zuko boarded the Magic CarPet Rides  shuttle in Beverly Hills and was home in Oakland 6 hours later.

Are we there yet?

He was a perfect passenger and co-pilot,

See ya later Zuko.

“I need to pee”