Meet Jonathan Anderson

Meet Jonathan Anderson



Born in Costa Rica, now living in New Hampshire, Jonathan learned to care for pets at an early age with his chocolate lab Mack. Now retired from his 9-5 retail store, Jonathan has sought to combine his love of animals & travel with the joy of bringing families together.



Dillon & TM

Meet Dillon Lesniak



New Hampshire native Dillon Lesniak found an early love for animals. After spending years in the transportation industry, he has taken the leap to connect his love for animals with his expertise in the shipping & logistics industry. He can’t wait to spoil your pets while visiting every corner of the United States.

Dillon & Jonathan Walking Four Rescued Tibetan Mastiffs in Memphis TN





Meet Lynn Bastis & her cat Sunshine!

Meet Lynn Basile & her cat Sunshine!

I’m a long-time resident of the Denver, Colorado area, and currently live in a small city at the foot of the mountains.
I first got the idea to come to work for Magic CarPet Rides when I found myself behind one of the company vans at a stoplight near downtown. Right then, I thought combining my love of animals with the ability to travel would be a wonderful opportunity.
I love nature and animals, especially cats and dogs. I look forward to creating happy experiences with my animal companions as we travel!

Emilio & Ozzy

Meet Emilio Archibeque & Ozzy

Born in Burbank California, Los Angeles Native Emilio has taken some time away from Lyft to bring families together though pet transportation. He has 50 + years of experience as a Dogfather.

Emilio’s two boxers are Cher & Jacy

Meet Catherine Hertenstein

Originally from the Midwest, now living in Southern California. Catherine has retired from veterinary medicine to live life on the beach. She shares her time transporting & rescuing pets. It is truly her passion.

Bubbles & Snickers

Bubbles & Snickers

Her two little Pomeranians occasionally join on rides.