Vamos Chamo!

San Francisco Miami

3,200 Miles – 5 Days – 10 States


Chamo says ”Mi amor no te preocupes nos vemos el domingo en Miami!”


Wednesday: San Francisco Kingman AZ 630 Miles

Chamo is the best traveler and companion! We stopped for several walks along the way to our overnight in Kingman AZ.

Guapo Chamo out walking in Arizona


A well deserved rest after a great day 1 on the road to Florida!


Thursday: Kingman Amarillo TX 750 Miles

Today we cover three states, three time zones, the continental divide and
end the day in Amarillo.

Chamo striking a pose in Flagstaff AZ


Chamo gettin’ his kicks……


After a long day 2, dreaming of Florida



Friday: Amarillo  Monroe LA 650 Miles

Today was a one time zone day and one day closer to the family reunion Sunday.

Welcome to Louisiana Chamo! You are almost there!


“How much longer?”



Saturday: Monroe Gainesville FL 700 Miles

This was that last long haul day and Chamo’s Welcome to his new home state, Florida!


Florida Welcomes You Chamo!


Sunday: Gainesville Weston FL 325 Miles

Welcome Home Chamo!

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