Sweet Hershey Goes Coast-to-Coast

Hershey said Adios to LA early on a Wednesday morning as we embarked on our 4-day, 8-state cross country adventure.


Wednesday: Los Angeles to Lordsburg NM (9 hours, 670 miles)

Had I known Hersh had a cool pair of shades I would have brought the Magic CarPet Rides convertible!

We made a quick potty break stop after crossing the Colorado River and the Arizona State Line and then moved on to San Antonio TX

Hershey is a great traveler! And a great companion!


Thursday: Lordsburg NM to San Antonio  TX (10 hours, 750 miles)

Hey y’all! Welcome to Texas Hershey!


Hershey wanted to know “HOW LONG IS I-10 in TEXAS?!?” 
877.5 Miles Hershey! And you did it all! Good girl!

Our girl Hershey slept well that night!


Friday: San Antonio TX to Tallahassee FL (10 hours, 710 miles)


How MUCH longer?


Welcome to Florida Hershey! Your new home!


Saturday: Tallahassee to Winter Garden FL (4 hours, 275 miles)


A big Hershey KISS for her Mom on arrival at her new home!

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