Oi, Gumbo & Kumma, tudo bem?

Let’s Go Gumbo!

Day 1: Oregon – Idaho (555 miles)

These two were ready to roll at 7AM and we headed for Idaho by way of the Deschutes National Forest. We crossed the Snake River into Idaho around 3PM and arrived in Twin Falls just in time for dinner and a longs nights rest.

Majestic Kumma!


Guapo Gumbo!


Day 2: Idaho – Utah – Wyoming – Nebraska (835 miles)

Day 2 was a 4 state day and included a nice hike for Gumbo in Wyoming.


Hiking in Wyoming


Day 3: Nebraska – Kansa – Missouri – Illinois (830 miles)

Another 4 state day for the team.


Welcome to MO GUMBO!


Day 4: Illinois – Kentucky – Tennessee – Georgia – Florida (840 miles)

This was our last long day ending in Florida. Gumbo and Kumma were dreaming of Brazil!

Welcome to Florida Gumbo!

Day 5: Orlando – Fort Lauderdale HOME (200 miles)

It was a perfect 5 days on the road with Gumbo and Kumma and we wish them well in their new life in 🇧🇷 Brazil!

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