Aloha Monix! Welcome to LA!

Movie Star Monix!


Monix was greeted by the Magic CarPet Rides team at Pacific Cargo LAX and then tucked in after a quick walk to rest up for the drive to Tucson the next day. 


We hit the road early Friday heading south to San Diego then over the Cuyamaca Mountains and eastwards towards Tucson. Monix is a world class traveler and companion! We stopped in Yuma AZ for a Latte, a walk and big drink. Walking Monix is like being out on a walk with Elvis! He gets lots of attention!

“How much longer!?

We are halfway to Tucson!

The Happy Reunion with Martha!


A Big Mahalo to our Friends at Island Pet Movers for trusting us with

Monix for the ground portion of his journey!

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