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Virginia is for ❤️Thea❤️

Thea, a beautiful 8 year old Golden Retriever just completed a 3,000 mile drive from California to Virginia. While her parents flew, Thea chose to drive with Magic CarPet Rides. It was a long drive but the views and sightseeing were well worth it. Thea has now visited CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, TN… Read more »

Sadie and Anakin Enjoy a Road Trip

Moving from San Antonio, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado has never been more fun. Sadie, a nine year old Great Dane mix and Anakin, a two year old Weimaraner had a great time sightseeing and exploring all the way from the Central Time Zone to Mountain Standard Time. While Sadie was quiet and composed, it… Read more »

Milo’s Cross Country Adventure

Milo’s cross country journey started just outside of Cleveland, Ohio and took us all the way to the Bay Area in Fremont, California. The only things Milo loves more than cuddling are his squishy bone and following the basketball on tv while watching games together!

Three Dog Night

Magic CarPet Rides was looking forward to driving Oz from Boston to San Francisco when were contacted to see if we could take two of Oz’s friends along for the ride and drop them in Chicago. We said ABSOLUTELY! We picked up Oz, Lizzie and Finnegan in Boston, spent a Three Dog Night in Erie,… Read more »