The Oregon Paw Trail!

Left to right: Oxford, Chase, Indy and Berlin

20 Paws (3 dogs-2 cats) boarded the Magic CarPet Rides van in Kennewick WA on day 1 of our 3 day adventure to Danville IN. 

Day 1: Washington – Oregon – Idaho – Utah – Wyoming
It was an early start on Day 1! We loaded Indy, Berlin, Oxford, HB and Ace into the Magic CarPet Rides van at 6AM and headed to the Snake River and crossing into Idaho. The Fab Five Barkers were perfect passengers and companions on a perfect day 1.


Welcome to Wyoming!


Hell’s Bellz and Ace being photo bombed by Indy


Chase and the Team!


Goodnight Oxford💚



Goodnight Indy! Goodnight Berlin!

Day 2: Wyoming – Nebraska – Iowa

Other than a bit of rain in Nebraska day 2 was  another perfect day for the group. The best thing about day 2 was that the next day was day 3 and home sweet home for the Barkers in Indiana

On pawtrol in Nebraska!


Berlin was always checking in on the driver.

Day 3: Iowa – Illinois – Indiana – Home-Sweet-Home

Another early start on a 7 hour drive to the end of The Oregon Paw Trail. Berlin, Indy, Oxford, Hellz Bellz and Ace were world class Magic CarPet Rides pawsengers! Anytime you you guys need a lift, we’ll be there! Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!



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