What is a shared ride?

A shared ride is an economical way to transport your pets. Each pet is picked up and transported with others needing transportation whether for a family vacation or a one way move. Each pet has it’s own crate and all dogs enjoy one on one walks with pet chuffers’. 

How many pets are allowed on the Magic CarPet Rides transport vehicle?

We currently transport a max of 6 pets on any portion of transport. Often times less, never more.

How long does it take?

Typically it takes 4 days from coast to coast. We do battle weather and van issues on occasion transports take up to 7 days. Each client is given pick up & drop off time frames as a guide as to when to expect us.

What is a Health Certificate for interstate travel?

The Health Certificate for Interstate Travel assures us that your pet/s is healthy enough to travel and is free from fleas & ticks as well as any other infectious disease, insuring your pet is onboard with other healthy pets. It’s also required by many states we travel through as well as the USDA. Your local veterinarian clinic can assist with scheduling the exam required prior to travel. 

What Temp is the van kept at during travel?

We try to keep the van between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Our vans are very well insulated to keep your pets and our drivers comfortable. 

What does it mean to be USDA certified?

The transport of animals is regulated by the USDA to provide safe humane treatment of your pets. 

Do  you have any breed restrictions?

No, however we do not transport vicious or mean pets that might be a threat to other passengers or the drivers. We reserve the right to decline transport to any pets that display such behavior at time of pick-up.

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