Shared Dog Taxi – Now accepting reservations!


Hop aboard the Pet Taxi!


Our Coast to Coast transportation service offers a cost effective & convenient way to move your dog with stops near the following major cities.

Boston MA – Newark NJ – Buffalo NY – Toledo OH – Chicago IL – Denver CO – Salt Lake City UT – Las Vegas NV – Los Angeles CA – San Francisco CA

Transports leaving Boston & Newark on the 1st week of each month

Transports leaving San Francisco Los Angeles & Las Vegas on the 2nd week of each month

In addition to meeting and exceeding all Animal Welfare Act specifications and guidelines for transportation of pets, Magic CarPet Rides provides the following:

  • Pets are transported in the Magic CarPet Rides fleet of vehicles.
  • Bottled water provided for the duration of the trip.
  • Potty breaks/walks for dogs every 3-4 hours during the drive.
  • Photographs and updates throughout the trip and on every potty break/walk.
  • Pets are never left unattended in a vehicle.
  • Drivers bring pre-made meals or use drive-through to avoid leaving pets alone.

We are especially attentive to, and experienced with,  senior dogs, injured dogs, or dogs that might be just a little bit worried about the upcoming trip.

Must have up to date vaccinations & veterinarian signed health certificate for travel

The shared dog taxi service includes GPS tracking. Every time we pick up a pet the pet owner is notified by email or mobile push notification. They may then take advantage of GPS tracking to monitor the trip, receive pictures and updates at pick up, enroute, and at delivery..


Each Dog Rides For $200.00 + Mileage

1 – 1000 miles $1.55 per mile

1001-2000 Miles $1.20 per mile

2001 miles & above $1.05 per mile

Private Transport @  $2.00-$3.00 per mile (using rental or company van)


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